Google’s Project Ara still has a long way to go before modular smartphones become a thing

windows phones will not be able to make their market


Google will release a modular smart device in January 2015, according to the the leader of Project Ara, Paul Eremenko. This is the first time Google has given an estimate of when its ambitious smartphone hardware platform will go on sale.

Details about Google’s modular phone are coming out of the Project Ara developers conference taking place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View Wednesday. The conference is technical and there’s a lot to process for developers. But we can glean a few more facts about Google’s customizable smartphone.


The core of Project Ara is a barebones piece of hardware called a Endo. An Endo doesn’t need to be a fully functioning phone; the first planned Endo, called a “gray phone,” will only include Wi-Fi, a processor, screen and battery, and will have an estimated production cost of around $50. The release for the gray phone is tentatively planned for January 2015…

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